Jon Bon Jovi ‘excited’ by upcoming Tel Aviv concert

Jon Bon Jovi ‘excited’ by upcoming Tel Aviv concert

"Israel was a place that I've always wanted to visit, but it never worked out. This time I insisted that Israel must be on our list and it happened!"

Jon Bon Jovi is excited to finally add Israel to his touring list – and the 40,000 fans to have already purchased tickets for his upcoming October 3 concert are equally thrilled to welcome him and his namesake American rock band.

In a four-page magazine spread in the Hebrew weekend edition of Yediot Aharonot, the veteran singer said he “always heard what a wonderful place Israel is – the birthplace of all religions. I have been everywhere and Israel was a place that I’ve always wanted to visit, but it never worked out. This time I insisted that Israel must be on our list and it happened!”

In the article, it says the singer asked Raz Shechnik, the reporter, whether Tel Aviv really is all it’s made out to be. “I heard that it’s an amazing city, vibrant and dynamic, and full of great restaurants. There’s talk that it’s one of the best culinary cities in the world. I’m going to have to check that out,” he says.

Asked about former Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters and his controversial boycott campaign to get other singers to nix concerts in Israel, Bon Jovi says: “Yes, I heard about that but it doesn’t interest me. I told my managers to give one simple answer: That I’m coming to Israel and I’m excited to come.”

The singer told the Hebrew daily that in addition to the Tel Aviv concert he plans to spend a few days in Israel touring the country with his wife and four children. “There are few places in the world that I haven’t been, Israel is one of them. So I’m thrilled to be coming. We want to stay for a few days and see as much as possible.”

Bon Jovi, the band, has sold more than 120 million albums since its debut in the 1980s.

Bon Jovi will perform on October 3, 2015 in Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv.

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