Richie Sambora No Longer Being Investigated for Threats Against Ex-Girlfriend

Richie Sambora No Longer Being Investigated for Threats Against Ex-Girlfriend

Looks like Richie Sambora is no longer being investigated for threatening his ex-girlfriend.

A month ago, the former Bon Jovi guitarist was questioned by police after a phone call with ex-girlfriend Nikki Lund in March allegedly turned violent, with Sambora threatening to kill Lund and then “dig a hole in the desert [to] bury” her.

TMZ now reports that the investigation against Sambora has been dropped, and that the entire incident was “really just a huge misunderstanding between [Lund] and a publicist.” The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office was looking into allegations that Sambora also once pointed a gun at Lund and was physically abusive to her while they were still together, but she never reported any of this.

Lund reportedly went to the police with her recent claims after her publicist was told by a friend that Sambora had threatened to throw acid in Lund’s face. But, according to TMZ, “prosecutors say the publicist told investigators he only warned her ‘bad things’ could happen in a bad breakup.”

The argument was apparently over Sambora and Lund’s Nikki Rich fashion business, which remains a shared interest between them. “They are in the midst of unraveling their … business,” a source claimed last month. “The threat happened in the midst of Nikki launching her solo line. Richie apparently went mad on the phone at her and threatened to kill her.”

According to TMZ, prosecutors have emails and texts between Sambora and Lund that show that this was just a heated argument over business. The couple split around the same time Sambora broke things off with Bon Jovi.

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