Jon Bon Jovi runs from his past

Jon Bon Jovi runs from his past

Jon Bon Jovi has called the video for the band's first single Runaway “absolutely awful” but says he’s still proud of the track.

The song helped launch the band into the public eye but the veteran frontman says the young group had no input into the shoot.

He tells Billboard: “It’s absolutely awful. We had no input as to what it would be about or who would be in it. They had people give us clothes to wear – we were just dumbfounded. Fortunately, the song had some roots so we were saved.”

The song cracked the top 40 in the US – something he says he had always dreamed about.

He continues: “I used to dream about the day when Casey Kasem would talk about us on American Top 40 – and there it was, on Sunday morning, hearing that voice saying, ‘No.39, a brand new band from New Jersey.’ I was just so happy.

Earlier this year, estranged guitarist Richie Sambora said he was told to either tour or leave when he asked for time off from the band, which he says left him hurt. However, the relationship between Sambora and Bon Jovi seemed to be on the mend after the ice bucket challenge craze earlier this year.

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